Communicating Risk to Parents

Communicating Risk to Parents. What language are you speaking?

This article will examine the importance of effectively communicating both the risks and benefits associated with outdoor education programs to parents, in order for them to provide informed consent for their child to participate

An overview of the current social context in which we are operating, as well as an examination of how and why risks are perceived in certain ways will be presented. Finally the practical impact this could have on risk communication strategies will be offered.

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In Conclusion
Effective risk communication may be complex and time consuming. It is not simply a list of the bad things that may happen. Parents certainly must be aware of what the foreseeable risks are likely to be on a program and what the outcomes of those risks may be. They also, however need to know what benefits may come from being involved in the program. As a profession, we must be prepared to engage in this meaningful dialogue. The end result will be a parent who, based on the information they have, can make a truly conscious decision weighing the costs and benefits of participation against the costs and benefits of not participating.

Clare Dallat
Outdoor Outlook (Vol 8. Issue 1, June 2012)
The Outdoor Education Group
June 20, 2012



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